The next climb towards innovation

This unique and revolutionary bike- & treadmill introduces a completely new way of training. It represents our vision of an innovative, realistic trainer, allowing you to improve exactly what you need to improve.


Now available in Belgium and the Netherlands!

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The only Smart trainer you can ride and run on

This fully automatic treadmill is a one of a kind, it offers you to ride and run indoors on one system. You don’t have to worry about your pace as the belt will adjust instantaneously to every minor change in speed. Providing a very natural and realistic experience. With a flick of a switch you can change your bike for a pair of running shoes. With speeds up 30km/h you are able to train your endurance as well as your desired interval workouts.

Ride freely and experience real climbs indoors

With a maximum incline of 15% the Magnum simulates every climb as you would experience it outdoors. Riding under an actual angle gives you the advantage of training the right muscles and movements, boosting your climbing skills.

Dual band communication

When cycling, the Magnum measures your speed, cadence and power accurately and sends this to multiple devices at once; one to control the belt, another to read out your data. This is possible thanks to the dual band communication, it uses ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to communicate.

A realistic run & ride

Both running and riding are very realistic. The bottom of the Magnum was designed to slightly dent when your foot lands on it, but is stiff as concrete while cycling. A foam core is placed in between two aluminium plates, a construction that allows for a little bit of flex in point pressure but is stiff with a larger continuous surface as a tyre.

The feeling of cycling freely indoors and under an angle is unprecedented.

screen size

max. slope

max. speed

Weight 150kg
Footprint 222,5×102,5cm
Height (incl. screen) 160cm
Incline range 0 – 15%
Incline adjustment Automatically & manually
Speed range 2,4 – 30km/h*
Speed adjustment Automatically & manually
Max. weight capacity 120kg (265lbs)
Firmware upgradable Yes

* When riding faster, the belt will increase the incline so that you can push the needed Watts


Communication ANT+ FE-C & Bluetooth Smart (open)
Data output (cycling) Speed, power
Data output (running) Speed, pace
Compatible devices (control) Desktop, tablet, smartphone / Control panel
Compatible software Tacx & 3rd party apps and software
Compatible devices (read only) Bike computer, sport watch


Safety 2 emergency stop buttons, safety cord
Compartments 2 on sides, 1 on front
Included Screen 32’, Tacx Desktop app,  ANT+ dongle

All software options available

The Magnum includes a 32” screen displaying the Tacx Desktop app, enabling you to ride famous mountains from all over the globe. When manual control is preferred, the control panel enables you to set the incline and speed manually. Due to its open Smart technology; the ANT+ FE-C protocol, the treadmill can also be controlled by any third party app. Popular training software such as Zwift or Trainerroad are fully compatible with the Magnum.

zwift-logo trainerroad Kinomap trainer
The Sufferfest Cycleops bkool
Fulgaz veloreality

Please note: as there are no running programs (yet) that communicate via the open protocols, the automatic control for running is limited to Tacx apps and software.



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